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FREEMAX Twister 80W Kit 2300mAh With 5ml Fireluke 2 Tank

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  • Product Code: M00000003
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Features1.Compact pen-style body with elegant design2.2300mAh built-in battery with 80W maximum output3.Adjusting wattage with a simple twist4.Freemax Twister chip with multiple protection5.360 degree e-liquid feeding system6.X1,X2 and X3 Mesh Coil for intense flavor7.Patented slide-to-open top fill designParameterMod Size: 24.7 x 101.6mmTank Size: 24mm x 47.8mmCapacity: 5mlBattery: 2300mAhWattage..

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1.Compact pen-style body with elegant design

2.2300mAh built-in battery with 80W maximum output

3.Adjusting wattage with a simple twist

4.Freemax Twister chip with multiple protection

5.360 degree e-liquid feeding system

6.X1,X2 and X3 Mesh Coil for intense flavor

7.Patented slide-to-open top fill design


Mod Size: 24.7 x 101.6mm
Tank Size: 24mm x 47.8mm
Capacity: 5ml
Battery: 2300mAh
Wattage Range: 5W-80W
Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm
Drip tip: 810 drip tip
Color: Space Black, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green

Package include

Package Included:
1 x TWISTER 80W Mod
1 x Fireluke 2 Tank (X2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm Pre-installed) 5ml
1 x Extra X1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm
1 x Glass Tube 5ml
1 x O-ring Replacement
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual

FREEMAX Twister Kit Instructions

FREEMAX Twister Overview

One of its kind, the FREEMAX Twister with a power output of 80W Starter Kit, is just like stick shaped device that consists of a built-in variable battery system that comes with a wattage of 80W. Furthermore, it consists of excellent mesh coil sub-ohm tank that contains the e-juice. The twister 80W starter kit consists of a 2300mAh built-in battery system with an effective option to change the wattage of the system. This is as incredible as it gets because with a twist of base select the required output for your device you want it to operate on from 5W to 80W, just like that. Furthermore, it consists of a FREEMAX Twister electronic control chip that comes with short-circuit prevention, low power monitoring and the LED embedded over the initiating button indicate various working states of the device.

Talking about Fireluke 2 that is the updated version of the Fireluke M, consists of mesh elements of various nature such as X1/X2/NX2/X3/X4 coils, top-fill design with slide to open functionality, 360-degree e-liquid feeding application, also it consists of the 90% falx cotton and 10% is the normal cotton percentage. The Fireluke 2 provides a realistically classic design and the best taste profile present in the consumer marketplace.

Fireluke 2 has a lot to offer when it comes to the functioning aspects, it is extremely easy to use and you will most likely enjoy the dial to adjust feature as well. Fireluke 2 is among the best of the sub ohm tanks around and given the fact that its coils are just excellent for flavor and vapor production makes it an all-time favorite. Plus, the color combination with the graffiti design is extremely thoughtful and creative designing in its own aspect.

Although it is a great choice for many vapers when it comes down to the steady vapor production and extremely functional flavors profile to suit the best of your needs.

Enthusiastic match of FREEMAX Fireluke 2 and Twister 80W

When it comes to balancing the X1, X2 and the X3 mesh coils of the Fireluke 2 is a carefully aesthetic match with the Twister 80W Mod that comes with a 5-80W of the changeable wattage. The Fireluke 2 device can reach a critical balance regarding the flavor and the vapor production easily at 40-90W. You can enjoy a total of 150 puffs with a highly powerful battery of 2300mAh which turns out to be a powerful option for your vaping experience.

The FREEMAX Fireluke 2 can easily adapt to the top-bottom slide to pour design for the e-juices—it consists of a simple slide to open cap so that you can fill up your tank really conveniently. The vent hole design allows you a proper and an accelerated filling of your tank and also ensures that no leaking takes place. The driptip like the 810 is conveniently upgraded that allows increased airflow while the U-shaped design at the very edge of the driptip helps to counterfeit excessive leaking issues. The added O shaped ring that is present over the top of the cap enables it to become compatible with the 810 type driptip for proper functioning as well.

Porous pulp wood formula (90% Porous Flax Cotton and 10% Cotton)

The FREEMAX Fireluke 2 consists of the best cotton formula there is to ensure better functioning of the device, increased e-juice holding capacity and providing the customers with an approximate added value of two or three weeks at maximum. It consists of 90% porous flax cotton and 10% simple cotton.

Structure and overall materials for the brand-new Mesh

The only thing responsible for such consistent flavor hits is the ultimate design of the mesh and the unbeatable structure. The mesh coils used in the FREEMAX Fireluke 2 are cut from the Kanthal Mesh plate using the laser technology. The honeycomb design allows for even and instant heating of the e-juice or concentration oil. It also fits the wood pulp cotton so easily and firmly, and the smoothness and flat design of the mesh coil allows for an instant and even supply of the heat to the cotton which then systematically vaporizes the e-juice evenly and instantly.

360 Degree E-liquid Leading Holes

Due to a compatible and well-functioning design, the FREEMAX Fireluke 2 will help to effectively make the e-juice vaporized that is why an increased leading speed is required to mesh coil contact surface. Therefore, the new 360-degree e-liquid chambers or holes are crafted to increase the leading and vaporizing process.

FREEMAX Twister with specific X type mesh series coil

■X4 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Quad Coil, Power Range: 40-80W, Recommended:70W

■X3 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Triple Coil, Power Range: 50-90W, Recommended:80W

■NX2 Mesh Coil: 0.5ohm Kanthal Double Coil, Power Range: 20-50W, Recommended:40W

■X2 Mesh Coil: 0.2ohm Kanthal Double Coil, Power Range: 40-80W, Recommended:70W

■X1 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Coil, Power Range: 40-90W, Recommended:80W


■TX4 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Quad Coil, Power Range: 40-80W, Recommended:70W

■TX3 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Triple Coil, Power Range: 50-90W, Recommended:80W

■TNX2 Mesh Coil: 0.5ohm Kanthal Double Coil, Power Range: 20-50W, Recommended:40W

■TX2 Mesh Coil: 0.2ohm Kanthal Double Coil, Power Range: 40-80W, Recommended:70W

■TX1 Mesh Coil: 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Coil, Power Range: 40-90W, Recommended:80W

The FAQ on the FREEMAX Twister Coils

Q: Will the FREEMAX Twister mesh coil work in a Fireluke M tank?

A: Yes, the TX mesh and the X mesh coil are duly compatible with Fireluke M tank and the all-new Fireluke 2 tank.

Q: How long will the FREEMAX Twister Mesh Coil last?

A: Well, it can surely last as far as 2 weeks if you follow the steps mentioned next. You need to make sure that the top of cotton is saturated behind the mesh on the inside of the chimney part of the coil. Allow it to soak in tank for 30 minutes. Make sure that you start at 20W and increase the wattage by 5watts every 2 pulls until you hit 55W.

Q: Why my FREEMAX Twister flashing red whenever I try to hit after I replace the twister coil?

A:It might just be the problem of the connection. How to properly change the FREEMAX Twister mesh coil might be the key to the whole problem. Take coil in one hand and the deck in the other and try to screw them together. Next, you must put some juice in the wick holes, put some glass on the top where the drip tip is and set them together with bottom deck/coil try to tighten it. Pour the juice inside of the tank and quickly press the fire button, when it starts to work give extra 5 minutes to allow for the soaking of the e-juice.

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